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List of Projects

1. DB RFP for Paynes Branch Storm Drainage Improvements - Joint Base Andrews, MD

2. Underground Pipe locating for Deluge System - Joint Base Andrews

3. DB RFP for Deluge System Replacement - Joint Base Andrews, MD

4. Design for Repair Navy HQs Facility - Joint Base Andrews, MD

5. Repair HVAC Systems for Base Ops and Passenger Terminal Facilities - Joint Base Andrews, MD

6. BCA for East Runway Relocation - Joint Base Andrews, MD

7. Repair hangar 711 - Dover AFB, MD

8. Repair Inside Runway - Columbus AFB, MS

9. Repair Engine Runup Apron - Columbus AFB, MS

10. Repair Airfield Perimeter Road - Columbus AFB, MS
11. Consolidate AC MX Admin Facility - Columbus AFB, MS

12. PCR for Decon Facility - Columbus AFB, MS

13. DB RFP for Repair Main Operations Apron - Cannon AFB, NM

14. Design for Reconstruct Taxiway D - Cannon AFB, NM

15. Design for Reconstruct Taxiway M - Cannon AFB, NM

16. PCR for Reconstruct Center Runway - Vance AFB, OK

17. PCR for Repair Apron Pavements - Vance AFB, OK

18. PCR for Reconstruct Taxiway F - Scott AFB, IL

19. PCR for Reconstruct Scott Drive - Scott AFB, IL

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